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Living Dead Releases New Bioshock Clothes Line, Examine It Out


The clothes company coordinated with 2K Games to offer players and non-gamers alike some apparel to throw on that highlights some of the visual appeals of the BioShock universe. In one example there's a Big Daddy Cosplay Skater, which is sundress with the Big Daddy helmet sprawled throughout the upper body and some metal rivet designs stretched across the lower half, most likely copying the appearance of his notorious drill. There's an image of the dress that you can have a look at listed below, which is among lots of offered on the Living Dead site, which is located over in Australia.

Some of the other clothes items consist of a red black dress with syringes sprayed across it, releasing the impression that they're falling. The syringes in BioShock were frequently utilized by the Little Sisters to extract fluids from victims. There are actually 2 various sort of those dresses, one with a more nightlife seek to it as if it may be worn at a cocktail party and the other with a more Halloween-party seek to it.

There are other cosplay clothing as well, consisting of one for the Big Sister from BioShock 2. It's form-fitting, two piece match for those who wish to lightly cosplay as the unsafe enemy from the first-person shooter.

Another cosplay piece handles BioShock's art deco inspirations, with a cream and red sundress called the Red Little Sister. It appears like it comes right out of the 1960’s.

But it's not everything about cosplaying as some of the renowned characters from Irrational Games' first-person shooter series. There are a few basic clothing products too, like a basic tee with a Big Sister on it, or a shirt called the Masquerade that includes a bunny mask that one of the Splicers used in the first two BioShock online games. There are also a few casual short articles of clothing that you might wear out anywhere, like the Shock Jock tee shirt or Vigor Maxi skirt.

There's quite a bit of variety on the store, however the rates are exceptionally high. The Vita Chamber swimsuit will run you close to $100, where as a Would You Kindly sundress would cost you $89 in Aussie dollars.

If you don't mind the rates then it's something worth checking out for fans of the BioShock series. I didn't see much of anything associated to BioShock: Infinite on there, however maybe those items will arrive later.

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